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If you need more information about drinking cultur in Germany click here for a Biergarten guide and here for the oldest monastry brewery in world. No no, they are not since the year 1050 in the web, but they brew and drinking beer since 1050!, 450 years befor Columbus had enter the new world. Click here for some events of good Hillbilly, Rockabilly, Western Swing and Old-Time Country Music in the northern part of Germany. If you want listen fine music at your home, we have some good record labels, click here for the Bear Familiy record label and ask them for a free catalog. Some more record labels are Bison Bop, Binge, Cattle und Eagle records. My favourite Singer is Hank Williams Sr.

Hank Williams Sr. & Second Wife

Hank Williams Sr. & Second Wife
at a nightclub in Waco, Texas in October of 1952,
see more Hank Williams.de

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    Hank Williams Sr. & Second Wife

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