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If you're looking for a place discuss Old Time Music, the Usenet Newsgroup rec.music.country.old-time is the place to be. The newsgroup is frequented by the most knowlegeable and talented aficionados and musicians in the Old Time community.
STEVE GOLDFIELD'S WEB PAGE includes FAQs about the newsgroup, plus another great introductory article about Old Time Music and a great list of books, recordings, and other invaluable resources. Steve Goldfield is the founder of the newsgroup, so send him a thank you note while you're at it.

mailing lists

record shops




learning instruments

learning dancing

learning western riding


Texas Monthly
Texas Country Music Events Magazine

Country Wave
Canadian Country Music Magazine

Country Music Reviews
by Texas A&M Battalion correspondant Will Hickman

Viktoria Park Musik
German online country music magazine

Country Standard Time
Features, reviews, news, and editorials about today's happening artists and the country music scene.

CYBERGRASS - The Internet Bluegrass Magazine
Bob Cherry's fabulous resource for bluegrass fans.

brings you country music news and articles.

the American roots music zine is also available for FREE via email. Send mail to Paul Erwin, Editor, at us40@vm.temple.edu.

Twangin' Magazine
``When it comes to musical purity, Twangin' is slutsville. We love country music, but we're unfaithful and ramblin'; we've got roving ears. So Twangin' strays constantly into the arms of the blues, folk, and rock, and we review, interview, and otherwise promote bands that do the same.'' - Cheryl Cline

Twangin Issue #1
Twangin Issue #2
Twangin Issue #3
Twangin Issue #4
Twangin Web Edition - great directory, too!


  • Bibliothek Uni-Hannover
  • ABC Bücherdienst, 400 000 german; 600 000 internat. Titel
  • order for books
  • O´Reilly & International Thomson Publishing
  • Amazing, One of the largest book store
    with every books on the market
  • record labels


    other artists/bands

  • Stray Cats
  • Outdoorsters
  • Windopane
  • Eilert Pilarm, the true king
  • Blue Dots
  • Sweet
  • Lucille's Lumbago.
  • Car Bomb, rockabillygroup.
  • Matt & The Hot Rod Gang.

  • Wednesday, punk-rockanilly grupp

  • Country Song.com, Free Fun
  • Singer Grand Bois
  • Collectores Trading Post Marketplace
  • T. Carlson
  • Welcome to Appalachia in the UK
  • Music Boulevard
  • Folk Music & Dance in Midland
  • great homepages of fans

    more links

    root music folk/country:

  • History of Country Music
  • Hans Palms accordions page!
  • McKenzie Traditional Ctry Music
  • A great Bluegrass link site!
  • Hank Williams (Tombstone)
  • American Music Archive
  • Nyckelharpa music!
  • Al Jolson Home Page
  • Al Jolson Society Home Page

    rockabilly & rock'n'roll

  • Remember When (50's & 60's)
  • Rock'n'roll World
  • Rockabilly homepage
  • The Wanderer
  • Computers Coach
  • Crusin' USA!
  • Annies Place (great!!)
  • HOT ROCK. 50's Rock & Rockabilly
  • "Blue Suede News
  • Cowgal home.
  • Bob Hume rockin' discjoceky.
  • Yet a rock&roll page.

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